How Vehicle Patrol Services Keep Your Business Safe

Why should you consider vehicle patrol? The Answer is simple: How you secure your property is important. Different types of security offer different advantages as well as different deterrents.

Most businesses have some form of electronic security system but stop there, and this can leave important gaps in their safety plan.

Vehicle patrol addresses some often ignored elements of electronic security to provide a more comprehensive on site strategy for businesses.

Unpredictability Factor

Those wanting to perpetrate a crime know where security cameras are located and can work to avoid them. Vehicle patrols offer a deterrent simply because of the difficulty in predicting where they will be and when, as it’s mainly done at random.

The Human Factor

While monitored systems do indeed have a human behind them, this is easy for customers as well as criminals to forget. The result can be a feeling of insecurity for customers, and a lack of respect for security for those wishing to commit a crime.

Visual Impact

Having a living, breathing, and mobile security presence creates an important visual impact.  Customers, clients, visitors, and employees know that you take security seriously, and feel safer. The roving presence of vehicle patrols also gives a strong reason for anyone to think twice before doing wrong.

Faster Response Times

During the patrol visit, security patrols can respond to events quickly because they are already on the premises, and depending on the type of emergency, can also immediately dispatch emergency personnel.

Ability to Address Concerns Specifically

Security vehicle patrols also have the ability to address specific concerns such as patrolling entrances and evaluate for potential trouble, rather than respond to events after they occur.

Using vehicle security patrols adds the final layer of protection to any business. Guardian National Security aims to set the bar for private security services in Southern California. If you have any questions about private security, our innovative practices, or hands-on management and exceptional training, please give us a call today.

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