Top Tips to Improve Construction Site Security

Criminals look for two things- opportunity and value. Those two things come together on construction sites, making them a high stakes target.

Construction site theft is big business for thieves, and that business is on the rise. According to the National Crime Bureau heavy equipment thefts alone were up 5 percent in one year in 2013, the most recent data collected.  Construction materials, including heavy equipment, is an attractive mark because it is relatively easy to steal and easy to sell with huge margins on the black market.

Don’t Facilitate Crime

While that information is eye opening, even more concerning is that the criminals have an unlikely helper—the contractors and site owners themselves. Failure to take simple steps to make their construction site less attractive to thieves is like an open invitation to those willing to take a small risk. The exact number of dollars lost to theft on construction sites is difficult to calculate because of incomplete data, but the estimates are around 1 billion lost each year. And each of those thefts resulted in additional huge losses in time and productivity.

But construction site theft is a preventable problem. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve construction site security.

  1. Develop a job site security plan before the job begins.
  2. Ensure that all workers are aware of the safety plan and follows the security policies.
  3. Keep a strict list of inventory and assets and track them regularly and frequently.
  4. Create a culture of security and assign security responsibilities to each worker and member of the team.
  5. Talk with local law enforcement before the job begins and develop a close working relationship.
  6. Lock up all materials and tools at night.
  7. Install hidden kill switches on heavy equipment to disable ignitions.
  8. Install lighting.
  9. Secure the perimeter with fencing.
  10. Maintain a clear zone adjacent to the fencing.
  11. Install wireless security systems.
  12. Control access by establishing and strictly monitoring one point of entry and exit.
  13. Hire an onsite, professionally trained standing guard.
  14. Use marked security patrol vehicles to maintain a strong visible presence.

Construction Site Solutions That Work

Procedural changes can help with most ways in improving construction site security. For the rest, talk to security professionals about your options in wireless security technologies as well as onsite guard and patrol services. Having the right security procedures, tactics and technologies in place will increase the risk versus payoff to any thief looking for a quick but lucrative payout.

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