Top 5 Security Mistakes Home Owners Associations Make and How to Avoid Them

One of the most popular types of communities in the United States is the gated homeowners’ association community. It is popular because people have the strong desire to live in peace and feel safe in their own space. But having the appearance of security does not always mean that the methods implemented to improve safety are appropriate or effective.

Understanding the most common security mistakes HOS’s make can help yours avoid them or adjust strategies to make them more effective. Check out these common mistakes.

Mistake #1 Assuming the Community Is Safe by Virtue of Being Gated

Many people adopt an attitude that crime will not happen to them, and certainly not in their community. This is common in any neighborhood but living in an HOA seems to provide a sense of security all on its own. No community is immune to crime, including gated communities.

Mistake #2 Not Understanding the Real Security Needs

Many HOAs implement some general security measures without first knowing the real needs of the neighborhood or the most effective or cost-effective way to meet those real needs. The best way to avoid this is by having a security audit or assessment done by a professional. A professional can identify exposures, weaknesses, and threats and help develop a security strategy to address those issues. A professional can provide targeted solutions and options that consider affordability, feasibility, and effectiveness.

Mistake #3 Implementing the Wrong Things

Any security helps, right? Wrong. Different areas serve different functions and need different types of security. Many HOAs have CCTV and a gate guard, and both of those things are effective when used effectively but may not provide the kind or level of security you are hoping to achieve, and may not even be used most effectively. Best solutions can be implemented by recognizing whether standing or patrolling guards, security technology, or a combination of solutions makes the most sense. Here are some tips to help you evaluate your needs:

  • Retain a standing guard where physical action and response is needed in a specific area.
  • Retain patrol guard services when you need security that is able to respond to security needs throughout the community to “deter, delay, and deny” and respond to security events.
  • Understand that cctv can see over a wider expanse than standing or patrolling guards but cannot respond to security events.

Mistake #4 Not Understanding Premises Liability Law

California Law stipulates that property owners have the legal duty to provide a safe and secure environment. Comprehensive and effective security is not an amenity; it’s a necessity for the HOA community. Not only does it protect community members, it protects the HOA in court should it need to prove it has taken reasonable steps to ensure safety and prevent dangerous conditions.

Mistake #5 Cheaping Out

Security is an expense and the temptation is to find the cheapest solutions rather than the most effective. Many HOAs make mistakes such as having HOA members provide security services or relying solely on technology to provide basic oversight. To avoid this, remember that ineffective security is as bad as no security and can end up far costlier. The right solutions implemented strategically are also cost effective.

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