Tools Of The Trade: What A Good Security Company Should Offer

Guardian National Security offers the best and latest technology to ensure our client’s safety and satisfaction. Here are just a few of the tools that we provide that help us secure over 1 billion in assets across Southern California.

Metal Detector:

Upon request, Guardian National Security officers will have metal detectors available to be used at the location to search for unauthorized objects such as: Guns, Knives, Pipes or any other suspicious item.

Detecting all ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects, the Garrett Super Wand is ideal for use in government facilities, security operations, hospitals, banks, and community events. Users can choose between an audible or silent vibrate/LED lighted alarm signal. The easy one-touch button & three-color display operation uses red, green & amber LED lights. Automatically retuning, the Garrett Super Wand requires absolutely no adjusting.

Wireless Motion Sensors/Detectors:

Upon request, Guardian National Security has Wireless Motion Sensors/Detectors available to be used at large Construction or Industrial sites to assist the Security Officer be aware when unwanted trespassers visit the property or enter a restricted area. We can place more than one Wireless Motion Sensor/Detector depending on the size of the property to protect more areas.

The Wireless Transmission sound is at a minimum 150ft to maximum 300ft and is battery operated. (Please note: these Sensors/Detectors is not recommended to be left unmanned on a site, it is to be manned by a Security Officer to ensure it is still in full function and to avoid any false alarms as any movement can trigger it off).

No Trespassing / Warning Signs:  (available in all sizes)

Upon request, Guardian National Security provides “No Trespassing” signs for Construction, Industrial or large Warehouses to keep the client’s property and the workers safe. No Trespassing signs warn unwanted trespassers & loiterers that the property is being monitored by on-site Security and that should they wander around the property unsupervised, they could face the consequences for violating trespassing laws.

Guardian National Security aims to set the bar for private security services in Southern California by using innovative practices, having the highest of expectations for our personnel, and supporting our guards with hands-on management and exceptional training. Contact us today to request a free quote for your business.