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Guardian National Security Guarantees Protection at the Best Rates

One of the most common complaints that companies have regarding security guard services in Los Angeles and Orange County evolves around the high costs. Many times, the costs exceed the clients’ budget, so they end up settling for a service provider that does not have the quality of officers and services. However, when contracts for large scale security requirements are handed over to sub-par security providers, they usually end up in rethinking the hired company.

Over the years, Guardian National Security, one of the top names in the security business in Los Angeles and Orange County, has consistently taken care of the needs of clients across a wide range of industries at highly competitive prices. However, we offer more than just competitive rates.

Our security services have always put a smile on our client’s faces, and here’s why you should consider meeting us for your security needs:

Round-the-Clock Protection: Our security strategies are developed according to what our clients need, and if they need tight security 24/7, that’s what we deliver. Worried about guards who dose off while on duty? Not at Guardian National. We track our guards to ensure that they deliver the most professional and best protection of your property, without ever sleeping on the job.

Thoroughly Trained Personnel: The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) have set some strict benchmarks for security professionals, and we make sure that our officers adhere to the required standards. Apart from a minimum of 40 hours of rigorous training in the first few months, our officers also undergo additional training from time to time. They are regularly assessed and reviewed as well, which keeps them on their toes and in tip-top shape at all times.

Innovators of Security Technology: At Guardian National Security, we don’t just specialize in ground level security guard services in Orange County, we are adept at security technology as well. Our security systems have gained recognition from various spheres of the protection industry. In today’s modern world, you need a professional company that knows what it takes to offer the best high-tech based security systems.

If you think that there is a demand for security guards in Los Angeles and Orange County for your residence or your business, get in touch with us at Guardian National Security today. Give us a call on (800) 700-1467, and schedule a consultation. We would be happy to have you visit our offices for a free consultation, or we can come to you, whichever is more convenient. Simply state your security requirements, and let us handle the rest.

Our custom-made security strategies have impressed many people from different industries, so why should you be left behind? Count on Guardian National Security and our vastly experienced security guards in Los Angeles and in Orange County to provide you with the best protection when you need it most!