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Guardian National Security – A Dependable Security Guard Company

There is no peace without security these days. From individuals to industries, security is a requirement everywhere in Los Angeles, which explains why so many security companies have been established in the ‘City of Angels’. However, when it comes to choosing from reliable security guard companies in L.A., Guardian National Security tops the list.

At Guardian National Security, we offer the most comprehensive range of security services such as guard, vehicle patrol, and technology across a vast range of industries. Our immense experience in providing solid armed and unarmed security has led to many organizations recognizing us as one of the top security guard companies in Los Angeles.

What Makes Us A Preferred Security Guard Company?

We Prioritize Security Over Everything Else

When you hire us, you hire us to ensure safety and security, and those are the two things our officers prioritize over everything else. Our experienced officers have undergone thorough training not onlyt for security, but also for medical emergencies, which makes us an all-rounder for security companies in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

We Cater to a Variety of Industries

Every industry has its own specific security requirements, and over the years, we have managed to fulfill the requirements of various industries such as the corporate sector, commercial and retail industries, warehousing, transit and logistics, residential security, but most importantly construction sites as well.

We Offer Pocket Friendly Rates

Most top security guard companies in Orange County are known to charge sky high prices for their services, which is why a lot of industries settle for cheaper security companies. However, cutting costs is a dangerous thing, especially where security is concerned. However, at Guardian National Security, we offer competitive rates that guarantee the best balance possible between quality of services and price.

We Provide Free Consultation

Before we finalize a contract with a client, we generally have an initial consultation, where we freely discuss requirements and ideas. A lot of security companies would charge you for this initial consultation. But that’s not how we work at Guardian National Security. We believe that every person has a right to discuss their requirements with us, and that right does not come with any costs attached.

Security is something that is not to be taken lightly. When you have professional security requirements in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties, you should settle for a service provider that gives you not just what you need, but what you want as well.

Get in touch with us at Guardian National Security on (800) 700-1467, and tell us what you need. If you are satisfied with what you see here, we can give you a quote, finalize the paperwork, and get started so that you have s better peace of mind for your security concerns.