Professional Security Guards and Your Business: Why it is a Must

Many business owners debate whether or not they should invest in a professional security guard service for their business. Naturally, it is important to consider any business expense, and hiring professional security guards is one business expense that makes a lot of sense.

Security is a Full-time Job

Security is a full-time job. As the business owner, you are already stretched to your limit with a multitude of tasks and security is not the place to spread yourself thinly. One moment of distraction can put your business or lives in jeopardy. Spreading security responsibilities between several employees can also leave gaps when employees are fulfilling other responsibilities or distracted helping a customer. Security should always be a separate job, filled by a security trained employee.

It Can Be More Expensive Not to Have Security

Professional security may seem like an added expense, when actually it isn’t. Businesses without security suffer in many areas. Retail establishments suffer through increased product loss due to shoplifting and theft, for example. It also acts like insurance—if you have insufficient or no coverage at all, a serious security incident can cost you far more than having had security in the first place. It may even cost a life.

Professional Security Can Save You Money

Not only can having security guards save you money by deterring theft, vandalism and other crimes, it also saves money in productivity by allowing your employees to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Outsourcing means Professionally Trained Security

More than just someone standing guard and acting as a visual deterrence, outsourcing your security means you get professionally trained guards with experience handling a wide range of security situations. That experience can make all the difference when seconds count.

Professional Security Shows you are Proactive

Customers and clients appreciate when business owners take the extra step of providing physical security, and view it as being proactive and caring for the customer.

Video Cameras See, but Can’t Act

Security cameras are an important element in any security plan but your security should not stop there. Security cameras can see and record, but they cannot act or take immediate action. They cannot detect the subtleties of someone wishing to commit a crime to take preventative measures. These are all things that a professionally trained security guard is trained to do.

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