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Guardian National Security: The Name to Trust for Security

If you are looking for a consistent top-notch private security service provider, your search ends with Guardian National Security. We are the leading private security firm in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our clients value us for the incredible trust that we instill in our services.

At Guardian National Security, we take security very seriously. Our well-trained, professional security guards understand that security is an essential requirement not just at the individual level, but also for corporate, commercial, and industrial levels as well. More and more entities are investing in our security services, and here are a few reasons why you should too!

Custom-made Strategies

Every business, industry or individual requires some form of security. However, there are differences as to how to approach it. While one company may require a small security team that does a 12 hour shift, another might require a heavy-duty team that provides round-the-clock security.

At Guardian National Security, we understand the differences in those requirements, and we develop custom-made security strategies for our clients. These strategies are developed completely in accordance with the demands of each client. No other private security firm in Los Angeles or Orange County can formulate strategies as we do at Guardian National Security.

No Costs Involved for Initial Consultation

Before you sign our contract details, it’s natural that you would like to talk to us and see what we have to offer. While numerous security firms in Orange County and Los Angeles have made a lot of money by charging prospective clients for basic consultation, Guardian National Security offers clients consultation without any costs.

Feel free to set up a meeting, visit our offices and tell us the kind of security you are looking for. We would be extremely happy to help you find a solution to all your security requirements.

Officers You Can Trust

Every private security firm boasts of a team of officers. How these officers conduct themselves is a fair reflection of the firm itself. Numerous security firms in Los Angeles and Orange County have disappointed their clients by sending officers who have failed to live up to their expectations in spite of tall claims. Issues of bad behavior and sleeping on the job have been reported, and that’s why you need officers who are true professionals and do their jobs without ever showing a hint of laziness or unwillingness. We clearly know that such things do not work long-term.

At Guardian National Security, our officers don’t just receive security training. They are trained on a well-groomed appearance. So, if you want to talk to them and enjoy a decent conversation, go ahead. We would love for you to get to know each officer that is working at your location. We also have the correct systems in place to track our officers once they have been assigned to a particular task. Our regular assessments and reviews help the officers to continually improve and serve our clients as well as they can!

If you want to invest in quality, professional private security services, get in touch with Guardian National Security at (800) 700-1467.