Not Sure? 10 Signs You Need a Security Guard Now

Business security needs change over time and business owners need to adapt in order to keep their business, employees and customers safe in that environment. Very often owners get to a place where they believe they need a security guard, but just aren’t sure.
If you are at that place, here are some definitive signs you need to hire a security guard.

  1. You have had an increase in customers or visitors. When a space gets busier or more crowded the business is vulnerable to crimes such as property and intellectual theft as well as violent crime. Security guards can monitor who is going and coming, direct traffic, and keep things orderly.
  2. You want something more than access control systems. Access control systems can control entry points but what happens when that system is somehow bypassed? Many security situations require immediate human intervention.
  3. You want to prevent workplace violence. Workplace violence, including such things as active shooters and acts of domestic violence, is on the rise. Spotting and thwarting such violence takes a person on the front line trained in identifying the signs.
  4. You have a need to reduce or prevent employee theft or shoplifting. Employee theft is responsible for over $50 billion in losses in the US annually. An active security presence can deter anyone wishing to steal from your business.
  5. You want to curb vandalism and other crime around the business. Having a security guard outside can deter crime even beyond the perimeter of your business.
  6. You want to protect sensitive or confidential information. Corporate espionage is real and a trained security guard can help protect your business from unwanted guests.
  7. Concerned about law enforcement not responding in time. Perhaps you have spotted and even detained someone intending to do harm. What happens in the time until police arrive? An armed security guard can handle situations of heightened threat.
  8. You need help for emergency situations. A security guard helps in all sorts of emergencies such as physical altercations and medical emergencies.
  9. You are concerned about liability risks from robberies. Having an armed security guard reduces the attractiveness of your business as a target to robbers.
  10. You have people that work late. If your business is open past normal working hours or you have some employees working late, a security guard is essential. Security guards can protect the business which is more vulnerable and provide protection to the individuals working.

These are just 10 of countless situations that would indicate a need for an armed or unarmed security guard. If you are experiencing some of these, call Guardian National today to find out how you can better protect your business.