How Do I Know If Security Guards Are Really Patrolling The Property?

How do we ensure the security officer makes quality inspections of your property? Obviously a good security officer is very familiar with his assigned tour, but without documentation, how do you prove that this officer completed all areas of his tour?

Security Guard Accountability: The Detex System

One of the best ways to ensure that patrols are getting done and that there is a history of how often and how well your property is checked is by offering a Patrol Guard Tour System provided by our technology partner, Detex. Using Detex, we add touch buttons which are about the size of a dime to any key location that you want the security officer to patrol. The officer has to physically touch the button with a digital wand that looks like a small pipe to verify his presence in the assigned areas. The check-in records the time and date that the officer touched the button. The data is then transferred from the pipe (scan device) and delivered electronically to our management team.


These reports can be pulled up by officer, date, time and location. This system is a way to provide reliable and relevant reports to assure our management team and our clients that the job is being done.

The Patrol Guard Tour System is available upon request for every client with no additional charge.

The Wireless Time Clock

Another system to ensure the security officer’s presence at your property is a Wireless Time Clock System that requires the security officer to check-in every 30-60 minutes. We we use this data to verify hours for accurate client billing.


The Time Clock records the Officers time and attendance records anytime and anywhere as work happens with the Time Clock. The Time Clock System is a rugged, portable time clock designed for outdoor use at fixed jobsite locations lasting longer than one week. It’s rugged and built to sustain any sort of weather, making it ideal for your work site.

Officers can use the small, rugged Key tabs to clock in and out on the Time Clocks. The Key tabs track individual Officers and their cost codes.  The green Key tab is used to clock in, and the red Key tab is used to clock out and an additional purple Key tab is used for mandatory hourly check-ins.  Best of all, the Officers’ time and attendance records will be 100% accurate down to the minute. This system is great for accurate billing/site attendance purposes!

Integrated Mobile App System:

Guardian National Security uses an Integrated Mobile App System in addition to the Time Clock System for all of its employees to ensure the presence and activation of a geo-fence, while assuring the client peace of mind. This Mobile App System is for all employees to check in to a shift, perform a safety check every hour and check out/in for a meal break. This Mobile App System allows them to check their schedule and verify any site updates. This process is quick, easy, active and accurate.

This system is great for instant form of punctuality and attendance purposes. 

Here’s how it works:


24 Hour Guard Supervision

Comprehensive Security Officer Supervision is unique to Guardian National Security. The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location. We beleive that it is in our best interest to evaluate and regulate the performance of a Security Officer who is assigned to protect our Client’s property.

How On Site Supervision Works

During a site visit the Supervisor will complete a Security Officer Evaluation, which will review:

  • Security Officer Appearance and Proper Attire
  • Daily Activity Reports / Incident Reports
  • Awareness and Overall Demeanor
  • Knowledge of Post Orders
  • Equipment and Supplies

The Detex Guard Monitoring System and the random visits from our supervisors results in a more secure and well-guarded site for your business.

Guardian National Security has an around-the-clock management team available to provide assistance for our Clients as well as our Security Personnel. We believe “communication is the key to safety and success”. Our Management Team is highly trained in all aspects of security industry services. Contact Guardian Security today for a complimentary quote. We offer the most competitive rates in Southern California.