Hiring Security Guards in LA? Look For These Qualities in Your Security Company

As the burden of law enforcement continues to increase with the demands of the times, business owners are wise to consider adding security guards to their security plan. Well trained security guards from reputable companies bridge the gap between electronic security and local law enforcement and provide both a strong visual deterrence as well as an incredible support in security events.

If you are considering hiring security guards for your company, look for these indicators of a reputable security guard company.

Recognized in the Industry

One strong indicator of quality service is a company that is recognized in the industry. Look for a company that is utilized by large, recognizable brands. This helps in knowing that the company can meet your needs and deliver the quality of service you desire.

Diverse and Clearly Defined Service Offerings

The needs of every business grow and change so it helps to have a security company whose offerings are not too narrowly defined. Choose one that offers both armed and unarmed guards, companies that understand the security needs of a wide range of unique industries, and whose services match the current and future needs of your business. Some examples of services to look for include construction security that include vehicle / truck logs, daily activity reports; or fire watch and evacuation services.

Trained and Qualified Beyond Your Expectations

Security guards should all be expertly trained and have the correct certifications. Officers should receive initial and ongoing training in general security topics, power to arrest, observe and report, terrorism and WMD awareness, fire watch, communications, patrol, CPR / first aid, and more. This level of training and continued education ensures that your business is ready for a wide range of emergencies.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service should always extend throughout the hire. Management should remain involved, visiting the job sites unscheduled and unannounced for maximum accountability, oversight and most importantly, peace of mind for the client.

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