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Construction Site Security Guard & Patrol

Our 24-hour construction guard service is specifically designed to protect and secure construction sites in order to reduce vandalism, theft, employee pilferage, graffiti, trespassing, loitering, and other unwanted activity.

On Site Security

Professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured, our standing guards offer exceptional security services designed for the construction industry well as other diverse industries.

Patrol Services

Guardian National Security’s marked patrol vehicles offer a highly visible and effective way to deter crime; enforce rules and regulations; and foster a general sense of safety, security, and community.

Technology Solutions

From the use of electronic Detex guard tour verification systems to wireless security equipment, Guardian National Security is on the cutting-edge of security technology.

The Best Security For Construction

Our security guards offer a variety of benefits to construction companies. They not only reduce costs associated with theft and damage — as well as possibly provide a discount on your insurance — but also alleviate your staff of the burden of routine security procedures. Our guards are trained in all aspects of construction site and office security systems, including patrol and perimeter checks, gate access control for visitors and vehicles, visitor and VIP escorts, and activity reports. Daily activity reports can be designed to include truck logs, material watch logs, equipment movement logs, and more. In the event of an incident, we will provide a detailed and accurate report as well as contact local police or the fire department if appropriate. For large sites, we can provide motion sensors and “no trespassing” signs at no additional charge, or install and monitor cost-effective wireless surveillance cameras for even greater crime deterrence.

Bonded, licensed and insured Guardian National Security provides both standing guards and mobile vehicle patrols for construction sites. Our guards will arrive in security uniforms that are designed for construction jobsites: a construction vest over our standard company uniform with company badges, duty belt, and hard hat. Our guards are supervised through two mandatory management visits per shift, and tracked through a time clock and Detex GPS tracking system. Call us today for construction security you can trust.

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24 / 7 Monitoring During Every Shift

Mobile vehicle patrols are done in random patterns, verified by our GPS enabled mobile app system of which requires the Patrol Officer’s to intermittently check – in at designated areas to verify that the patrols are being completed.


Hear what clients across Southern California have to say. Note that images have been altered for privacy.

“I would like to send this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for the remarkable job by your employee. It was not the first time that we have hired guards, to secure our parking and integrity of our property. However, it was the first time that we are completely satisfied with the services of your employee. He always showed up to his job on time, or many times sooner than his actual time. And he stayed till end each night. I was very impressed with him; something that I cannot say about our previous guards. Above all, I like to appreciate his work and he did not reduce his sincerity and commitment to the job.  For all that to thank so much.” 

Morrie G.
Morrie G.Guardian Client

“Thanks for sending your security officer to this building. I was reviewing his reports and this is the type of reports that tell me when a Guard cares and knows what he is doing. He was very descriptive about the activity and it all sounds about right. I like to request him to stay with us at this property. Please let him know we are happy with his reports and this is the type of reports I like to see. Thank you very much!!! Let’s keep it up!”

Maria D.
Maria D.Guardian Client

“I will say I am impressed with the Guard that came in for the afternoon, he did a great job inspecting the employee bags.”

Scott K.
Scott K.Guardian Client

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