Construction Site Security: A Pre-Job Checklist for Ultimate Success

Job site security starts long before the security guard rolls up; or at least it should. Construction sites involve complex and unique security issues and unless job site owners address those issues individually, it could leave a gaping hole in their security plan and end up costing a staggering amount of money. This checklist will help you cover your bases and reduce jobsite losses.

Choose One Person to Oversee Security

Having one person to oversee security issues helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and enables you to make adjustments to your security plan as the needs of the job changes.

Know Your Inventory

Create an inventory list and management system. A good management system will enable you to follow the entire job from start to finish.

Analyze the Site for Security Requirements

Do your homework before the job begins. Research any controversy surrounding the job if it exists.Find out about crime rates, particularly as they pertain to job sites. Visit the site at night to determine vulnerabilities. Layout the site for high visibility.

Contact Local Police, Fire, and Project Neighbors

A good working relationship with the community starts long before the job begins. Talk to local law enforcement and gain security insights. Neighbors can also be a great help in spotting unusual activity.

Plan for Jobsite Changes

As the job progresses, security needs can change drastically. The types of equipment, storage areas, the number of people on site, access, and visibility can all change. Consider ways you can increase and improve security needs for every stage of the job. Once there is less visibility, it may be helpful to increase the number of security guards you have on site, for example.

Plan Off-site Storage or Maintain Strict Security

Certain circumstances may necessitate extra security for storage areas. If you have appliances or building materials that need storing over a long period, plan to store it off site or have it covered with security guards and security technologies.

Theft and vandalism are two huge threats to construction productivity and profitability. Highly trained, professional security guards provide oversight as well as serve as a strong deterrence to crime. Guardian National Security understands the unique needs of construction site security and serves the industry with innovative practices and exceptional service.