Should My Construction Site Have A Security Guard?

When you’re in charge of a construction site, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. No matter how well business may appear to be going, accidents and impropriety can cost your company dearly. One of the best ways to cut down on this is to hire a security guard. Properly trained construction security guards can keep thieves and vandals from draining your budget and disrupting your production schedules. Here are 7 reasons your construction site should have a security guard.


Theft of construction materials and equipment is big business for criminals. Materials like copper are highly profitable on the black market and even one such theft than cost your company thousands of dollars. While some contractors would rather wait until they have a problem to hire security, this can be an expensive mistake. In many cases, the loss is costlier than hiring security. Without guards on site, it’s easy for intruders to gain access to your materials. In addition to being a nuisance, theft can quickly drain a project’s budget.


Aside from theft, vandalism is also a serious problem. Once an intruder gains entry to your construction site, they’re free to damage or destroy anything they find. This is usually done for fun, but you can also be vandalized by someone whose objective is to delay your project. In addition to the stress and cost of damaged materials, time is also lost repairing and replacing them.


Safety is a major issue at any construction site. Accidents can occur even when workers follow proper procedures. When unauthorized guests are on site, the risk factor increases for everyone. A security guard can ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter. They can also enforce safety regulations regarding eye protection and hard hats.


Construction site security guards can also ensure that scraps and waste material are placed in their appropriate locations. Certain materials may be recycled for use in other jobs or donated to charities. They should also be guarded to ensure that they’re not stolen.


In most cases, owners and contractors tend to get along quite well. However, if someone steals from the site, a dispute may arise over who should replace the stolen materials and who should be paying for security. Discussing responsibility for such matters can be tricky, but it’s worse when the project is already underway. The best approach is to include security guards in the budget from the start.


Along with theft and vandalism, making sure there are no unauthorized personnel on-site is critical to maintaining security. Workers and contractors are often too busy to keep an eye out for people who don’t belong there. At best, unauthorized visitors are a distraction. They can also compromise everyone’s safety, damage equipment or steal materials.


A security guard can also maintain order when someone shows up to work intoxicated. While this may not occur frequently, it’s always a possibility. A security guard is trained to handle intoxicated individuals and can make sure they stay off the site until they’re judged fit to return. Guardian National Security is committed to your business’ security and we have solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with security guards and patrol for your construction site.