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Is An Armed Security Guard Right for You?

Anyone considering committing a crime first evaluates the likelihood of success or the likelihood of getting caught. An armed security guard increases the risk of getting caught and so decreases the chance of a crime being committed in the first place.


Retail Security: Why You Need Guards That Understand the Industry

How you approach retail security can make a huge difference in the success or failure of the business so having a security guard that understands retail is critical. Here are some reasons why it makes a difference.

Not Sure? 10 Signs You Need a Security Guard Now

These are just 10 of countless situations that would indicate a need for an armed or unarmed security guard. If you are experiencing some of these, call Guardian National today to find out how you can better protect your business.

Top 5 Security Mistakes Home Owners Associations Make and How to Avoid Them

One of the most popular types of communities in the United States is the gated homeowners’ association community. It is popular because people have the strong desire to live in peace and feel safe in their own space. But having the appearance of security does not always mean that the methods implemented to improve safety […]

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Armed Vs. Unarmed Security Guards. Which is Right for You?

There are many advantages to having guards on the premises, but how do you know if armed or unarmed guards are right for you? To find out, it is important to match your needs, consider the event or environment and understand the differences between armed and unarmed guards and the advantages of each. Let’s explore […]

Corporate Security. It Matters More Than Ever.

It is essential that every company, organization, or corporation have the appropriate level and types of security they need to ensure they are free from the threat of crime. While criminals are increasingly using technology to aid them in the planning of crimes, corporations are not only using electronic security to combat threats, but also […]

Professional Security Guards and Your Business: Why it is a Must

Many business owners debate whether or not they should invest in a professional security guard service for their business. Naturally, it is important to consider any business expense, and hiring professional security guards is one business expense that makes a lot of sense. Security is a Full-time Job Security is a full-time job. As the […]

Tools Of The Trade: What A Good Security Company Should Offer

Guardian National Security offers the best and latest technology to ensure our client’s safety and satisfaction. Here are just a few of the tools that we provide that help us secure over 1 billion in assets across Southern California. Metal Detector: Upon request, Guardian National Security officers will have metal detectors available to be used […]


Top Tips to Improve Construction Site Security

Criminals look for two things- opportunity and value. Those two things come together on construction sites, making them a high stakes target. Construction site theft is big business for thieves, and that business is on the rise. According to the National Crime Bureau heavy equipment thefts alone were up 5 percent in one year in […]


Should My Construction Site Have A Security Guard?

When you’re in charge of a construction site, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. No matter how well business may appear to be going, accidents and impropriety can cost your company dearly. One of the best ways to cut down on this is to hire a security guard. Properly trained construction security guards can […]