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Armed Vs. Unarmed Security Guards. Which is Right for You?

There are many advantages to having guards on the premises, but how do you know if armed or unarmed guards are right for you? To find out, it is important to match your needs, consider the event or environment and understand the differences between armed and unarmed guards and the advantages of each.

Let’s explore some important considerations so you can make an informed decision.

What are Security Guards?

Security guards are security agent hired to protect an organization’s assets and deter crime. To do this, security guards use preventative measures such as high visibility and detecting and reporting incidents to authorities, to maintain safety and security. Security guards are not part of the law enforcement agency, but are trained to provide specialized tasks such as arrest control.

The Differences Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Both armed and unarmed guards are trained in crime deterrence and prevention, and provide the same high level of visibility needed to enforce safety. An armed security guard is additionally trained in the use of firearms and have the authority to carry guns and use deadly force if necessary.

Evaluate the Specific Needs of Your facility or Event

Every business or situation is unique, so you must consider your individual needs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the main security concerns for your property or facility?<?li>
  • What are your security priorities, such as preventing vandalism and theft, or preventing violence?
  • Is the property open to the public?
  • How many people visit the site in a day?
  • What is the threat level of your business?
  • How vulnerable is the business to attack?
  • Do you high value equipment stored outside?
  • Is the business unoccupied at night?
  • What role do you want the security guard to play?
  • Would having an armed guard raise or lower the chance of violence?
  • What perception do you want to create?

If your primary concerns are preventing theft and vandalism, an unarmed security guard may be the answer. If your needs are beyond that scope, an armed security guard is probably most helpful. Whether choosing an armed or unarmed security guard, a strong and visible security presence can reduce risk and increase safety.

Not every security guard company is the same. Before you hire any security guard, make sure the company you hire provides licensed, certified, and well-trained guards. Guardian National Security provides highly trains security guards, licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. To learn more, contact Guardian Nation Security Today.