15 Tips for Better Warehouse Security

Warehouses and distribution centers are particularly vulnerable to burglary, theft, and pilferage. These facilities are often packed with new merchandise in its original packaging which is highly desirable to both professional and amateur thieves, and a temptation to employees.

The Threats are Varied and Real

Warehouses are the target of both internal and external theft and the methods used are aggressive and often hard to detect until well after the fact. Here are some important areas of risk:

  • Internal theft committed by employees, contractors, and others who have a legitimate reason to be in the facility and do not draw any suspicion.
  • Truck drivers waiting for the shipment to be unloaded, and sometimes colluding with employees to steal merchandise.
  • Outsiders with knowledge of facility procedures and security.
  • After-hours burglary.

Better Security Practices yield Better Results

As soon as you figure out one way theft is occurring the thieves replace it with half a dozen new and even more difficult to detect methods. The best way to prevent loss is by improving your security and security practices in a way that makes any method of thievery difficult to accomplish. Here are some important tips that will help.

  • Have manned security checkpoints at the entrance and exit points of the property. Larger facilities should practice outbound inspections.
  • Use security guards to monitor practices and deter theft. Shipping and receiving should always be under the direct observation of security guards.
  • Separate shipping and receiving areas and when possible provide a physical barrier between the two.
  • Do not permit employee or visitor parking near the shipping and receiving area.
  • Do not allow wandering by non-employees. Instead provide a comfortable waiting area.
  • Make exterior trash bins inaccessible from directly in the warehouse.
  • Institute a two-person trash removal policy.
  • Prevent stacking merchandise directly in front of shipping or receiving doors.
  • Never permit merchandise to be left unattended or sitting on loading docks or platforms.
  • Create a lockable area for more valuable merchandise.
  • Use Video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and access control systems on the site.
  • Limit the number of doors used to exit the warehouse.
  • Monitor outgoing shipments to make sure they are legitimate.
  • Avoid having filled trailers stored at the facility overnight or during off hours.
  • Fence the property to create a boundary.

Warehouse security is complex because the threats come in so many forms and from so many areas. If you want to improve your warehouse security with professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured security guards, call Guardian National Security today. With custom-designed security strategies, we have you covered.