Retail Security: Why You Need Guards That Understand the Industry

Retail operations are unlike any other industry, so their security should be unlike any other as well. While their main objective is to provide product and services in a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to overall profitability, the site must also be secure for the protection of customers and prevent loss. Balancing those two objectives is pretty tricky and it doesn’t take much to upset that balance.

How you approach retail security can make a huge difference in the success or failure of the business so having a security guard that understands retail is critical. Here are some reasons why it makes a difference.

Retail Loss has increased. The 2016 National Retail Security Survey conducted in collaboration with the National Retail federation and University of Florida, reveals that retailer’s inventory shrink averaged 1.38 percent of retail sales, or $45.2 billion in 2015—an increase of $1.2 billion from 2014. A security guard should understand the dynamics of the retail atmosphere and how retail crime happens.

Employee theft is a real problem. In the eyes of the law, there is no distinction between shoplifting and employee theft. Theft is just theft. And for the retailer, both affect the bottom line. Trained security guards should understand this and know that theft and dishonesty do not fit a profile but span all demographics.

Shoppers must feel comfortable. While a security presence deters crime, if taken too far it can cause customers to feel uncomfortable which results in lower sales. Exceptional guards know how to maintain the perfect balance so that customers feel secure, retailers feel protected, and the buying atmosphere not damaged.

Stores must be safe. Retail establishments are public spaces and public spaces have inherent dangers that come with them. Crime has become increasingly sophisticated and challenging and can happen at any time, and anywhere. Your security guard should understand the dangers and be ready to implement your safety and emergency response plans.

Security guards represent the business. Security guards are usually the first and last people customers see and provide the first and last impressions of your business. A well-trained security guard understands their role in representing the business and in providing a positive customer experience.

Security guards must be team players. While security guards are employed by security guard companies, they work for the retail establishment. Guards that understand retail understand the importance of integrating into the team for the most effective security.

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